[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Ming Zongfeng On the Attributive Analysis of Games

Ming Zongfeng, School of Journalism and Communication, SUCT

This paper mainly determines a clear definition from different perspectives, and then analyzes each attribute of games.Firstly, it will state the games’ value for amusement from the attribute of entertainment, explain the games’ feature of media-based from the attribute of transmission, and summarize the essential character of games – fairness – according to the analysis of games’ connotation; secondly, from the aspect of function and form, it will describe different behavior of games’ attribute of platform on social contact, education, and business organization, and offer the evidence of its value measure; lastly, based on the above theories, it will analyze all kinds of network games which are popular at home, and indicate the general problems and damage, especially the ownership of virtual good, the legal basis of issuing paper money, the damage to equivalent exchange principle and the influence on financial order from virtual monetary system, the value and ethics of network games, and the management codes and standard for network games. At the same time, it will propose some essential solutions to the problems.



Author Info:

Dr. Ming Zongfeng is now in School of Journalism and Communication, SUCT. At the same time, he is the deputy secretary general of Youth League of Green Network Construction and Dissemination. He has set up several companies so far, such as Gaungzhou Goyor Network Technology Company, Zhongqing Goyor Technology (Beijing) Company, and Guangzhou Jishengyuan Vocational Training Company, and so on.

With the social responsibility of an educator, he establishes the first anti-bad network games website, in 2010 he plans and organizes the UGA; Since 2011, he held an international forum named Culture and Ethic of Games four times, attracting a wide attention.Besides, he has published dozens of papers connected with Internet and network games on news media, and wrote a book entitled:” Network Addiction Is Made in This Way – the Deepen Revelation of Bad Network Games’ Trap and Dark”.